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Tuscobia 150 . Part II. Dental abscess

Now I want to tell you about the race Tuscobia 150 

 The  second part of my holiday was intended for the marathon. The race started 2 days after I finished my 3 days solo trip. I wrote about it here >>
I want to tell story about THIS race.. because this was the hardest race which I did before. 
This is race when I can say that I am PROUD of my FINISH.. Because many factors was on that race which could to stopped me:
-my stuff 
-my expierence 

"A mix of history and scenic beauty, the Tuscobia State Trail is a 74-mile abandoned railroad grade that provides four seasons of fun". More about the  marathon HERE >>About marathon This was race in 3 division: ski,run, bike.. Mileage 150/75 and 35 milesIt's 75 miles one way snowmobile trail, which runs through the fields, forests and swamps. Gorgeous !!I did my solo trip to be sure that I am able to do race and my equipment is good enough.All about this race was strange to me.. my preparation,,with bad English...
 Alex and flowers for the bike . At the last 10 miles  of race I will found one of this and put on my bike and rode after many miles with ( I still have it for memory). After  this race I love to have flowers on my bike. In winter time it makes my happy in the gray days.
We arrived on Friday evening. Before the briefing, equipment check. 
I will double posting this photo , because on of the topic this is EQUIPMENT 

Because I do not had experience about this kind of race, and my language do not let me understand rules as well , my equipment was terrible
Because I bought all (mostly) at Goodwill and do not had choice...
I had 3 season old and heavy 3 person tent, I do not had cool frame bags and other. I just put all my stuff on the rack of my bike some in bike rack bags, some in hiking backpack ))) I do not want to repeat how many stuff I had (cooking  stuff, extra clothes , food... etc) Because I thought that it will be 100% unsupported wild race and I have to have everything, like for short bike trip... 
My clothes also was "not cool". but in right combination. Wool, soft shell, gore -tex, down jacket , fleece .. Shoes (as you can see) . Just regular hiking shoes 1 size bigger than my feet . What is let me put 2 pair of socks...
and my bike. 1 month before race I bought used Surly Pugsley in original HEAVY combination...
All this I put together and bike was super heavy with stuff....


 At the briefing I do not understand mostly what is organizers says Helen & Chris Scotch .  I do not know how Alex can sit with me 4 hours in the car and speak with my broken language, trying to understand each other.

At night I started to feel pain in my tooth. I used Russian pills . I always have small medicine emergency with me (old school style from my hiking experience ). My tooth pain started before (after my solo trip), but was not so bad.
I could not sleep all night... I use few pills.. what is helping me for 2-3 hours.. and pain started to be worse and worse. Honestly.. to me the tooth pain the worth which I can  had.
I have a thoughts  that I could not going to the race like this.. But I already spent HUGE amount money for the race... I have to go!

 The route I had seen during my solo  trip  would be terrible (fresh snow) ..

In the morning, at the start, at 6 am, I realized that I was the only woman on the 150 mil.. Mens around me looked at me, my bike and I read at their eyes "Did  she really will go for 150?"  or "No way, she could not finish".... Yes.... everyone  have same look  ((((

At the start was about 20 peoples. From another side of the trail today will be start for riders and runners for 35 and 75 miles division.
Start... Leaders rode so fast. I kept my own speed.. I never was so fast, but I can long time keep going without rest. Me and 7 others men rode with about same speed. We do not rode together, but saw in front or on the back each other long time. The trail condition was not good. Speed was so slow.. Pain was bad... (for me ))))

Tuscobia trail  this is  a straight line to infinity ... the swamps, woods and fields.
The temperature was COLD (-17 , -20 C)
My feet was cold and sometimes I just running with my bike to warming up them

I drink coca-cola. I loved, I love and i will love coke at the race like this. This is my drug .
Same as fruits.  I have to have some orange at the race.
First Check-point . I do not rested more that 10- minutes and keep going.
Another bad thing happened with me ... Almost after start my bike computer buttery was dead ((( And no I DO NOT KNOW what time, how many miles I did ... This is SHIT... very depressive...

I am going on my way... use my pills...
Snowmobiles made trail kind of alive .

Than I started to met guys from 35 miles division. And movement started to be more interesting... You sow someone, then waiting , when he or she came closer, say hello and keep going 
first bikers
the day was not shiny and this is  do not help you

Than I was surprised - 1st  ski guy Mark Scotch!!!! He is started last morning and already made most part of the race. I do not know him .. Now I know that this is legend guy. I always looked this result and stay inspired .

Than I met many others 150 walkers
One of them Mike Lessard
Than was funny conversation  between bikers and walkers
 biker 150 miles and 150 miles "How are you doing ?"
"how old are you ?"
"51. Are  you?"


Yes.. This is what was STRANGE to me... In Belarus people racing mosty from 20 by 30-35 years old.. than families and done.What I saw at this race and many others that 30 - this is young enouph. Mostly people 35 + 40+ y.o

On my way to the 2nd check -point I rode about 15 miles with Tom Lais

I do not know him, my language was terrible.. Now we are friends and he always remind me that he do not understand mostly what I said at Tuscobia ))) But at the 2nd check point he is disided that enouph for him and do not keep going
Now I realized how lucky I was to met at the one race so much wonderful and interesting people.

At the check point I got some food (now I am realized that this is not 100% unsupported race and you get enough food and no need to cook your own )
At this check -point was such a wonderful volunteers Nancy Griffith 
and her husband. My tooth was so terrible. They was so nice to me..
I was scared to go at night )) Honestly ))But I did. I  met Alex. He was 15 miles in front of me and made half of the race.. 
Few words to each other and I am keep going... 

I keep worm at my boobs )))  energy drink...I was so tied and need energy.. so want to sleep.. I drink one - terrible TASTE ))

FUCK YEAH!!! This was a moment of happiness.. This is mean that HALF was DONE!!!
Now mentally easier... every mile - this is way closer to finish

Short stop at the check -point and way in the darkness...
I was scared.. I never did it before.. moving at night in the woods...

My speed went down.. my painful goes UP!!! I am crying.it was so bad pain . The pills is not work  good anymore.. And I was cold and tired... I decided that I need to make stop and sleep a few hours..
 I put my tent.. I could not say that I was slept.. I heard when bikers rode on the trail... when runners walked... 
after about 3 hours of the "rest" I have to keep going. Put all my stuff back.. and I  was slowly keep going...

I met sunrise... and day was colder than before , but with sun it was amazing...

I came at the last check -point and realized that volunteers is not waiting me )) They was surprised that I am keep going...  And I have only 35 miles to go...
  At the one place I met legendary Roberto Marron 300 miles
He did double Tuscobia 300 miles!!!!
"Marron and Polfuss share one amazing incident before the Pine Creek Road crossing. Marron explains, “We waited for one another” eating Fritos, running, walking then, “We (both) had to go to the bathroom (about) 12 miles before finish.” They move off the side of the trail, taking the time required to get clothes unzipped and off for this major undertaking. And what happens? 150 mile snowbiker, the women’s winner, Sveta Kovalchuk, passes by heading to the finish line. She quips “Isn’t that nice,” then “It’s okay, it’s okay.” Polfuss grins, “We couldn’t help but laugh, and Roberto kept saying ‘Man; that was a girl! I can’t believe that was a girl!’”

The 10 miles before finish I found box which volunteers leave for races .. It was AMAZING surprise and happiness )))

 On the one of the place where is roads crossing with trail I met Alex... He told me that I am almost done... keep going..

Then finish.I do not good remember all after... Tired... pain...
34 hours!!!! A lot.. Yeah.. I did it for long 34 hours and it was big adventure with worth result.. When I back in city and visited doctors .. he told me that I have
dental abscess... I do not had insurance and got bill for 1700 $
As doctor said it is happened because I was long time at the cold weather and  inflamed tooth

This is how I looks like 2 days after  finished and my tooth (((((.... but this is not about race anymore....

PS I realized that to do 2 trip in one week was mistakes.. I did for the less than 1 week  300+ miles.. (race and solo trip).
This is one of the memorized race in my life and I am proud of myself that I did it..

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