Thursday, March 24, 2016

9 month on the wheels

9 month on the wheels 

I was active enough during the first pregnancy 12 years ago. It was in Belarus.  In my country Belarus people have  stereotypes that pregnancy it is sickness. Most doctors says that you need sit at home on the couch and be careful about everything. But my opinion was different.  I did not thought that active life is worth then couch for baby.

Monday, March 14, 2016

The gravel ride with baby.

It is SPRING! It is mean that gravel season are open!
I have a 3,5 month old baby and I love to ride my bikes. The best combination to me now to  ride my bike with baby in the bike trailer .
At the  last two weeks  I rode gravel roads twice in Lakeville area.
2 week ago my husband bought bike trailer.  A he makes  me much more happier person.
I love a gravel roads. It is reminds me my childhood time and place where  I grown-up: farm, gravel roads, nature... Only you and nature . It is the best way to  resting after big city.

Last weekend  I did 20 miles ride with Yeva. I tried  to  ride careful (especially on the downhills ) to keep Yeva safety. Most of the time she is slept.

 Sometimes we need to make break for feeding and rest. To be breastfeeding mom is a wonderful - you always have food for baby with you. I am enjoying this time together.

 The elevation in this area good enough for hard training.  For 20 miles about 1 500 ft elevation. For Minnesota it is  not so bad.
I am dreaming  about next ride...

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Cleaning your bike. Small secrets

 For many years I used  these secrets to clean my bike.
This is what  you need: 

  • a used  toothbrush
  • synthetic ripped women's  tights
  • water and a rag

 During the "cleaning" process   I  found  a sticker that I  NEVER saw before , on my lovely Salsa Fargo bike . This bike was "born" for gravel road. And I really like it. My husband bought this bike for himself and I stole it from him :).

 You also could find  missing part on your bike ( as I did ) .
 Now I can show you how you can use women's  tights
( Do you see my spoke card from "30 days of biking" ? DO not forgot to pledge here >>  and  ride your bike all April )

 You could see how wonderfully women's  tights work for your bike cassette

The  toothbrush could help you to clean small dirt spots on your bike
You see it is a cheap and easy way with nice results. And you give second life to used stuff which means - a little less trash in the world )