Sunday, March 26, 2017

The Lakeville race with kids

 The race L-M-L was the first race in the gravel season on my wish list in this year. But in the last moment the  life corrected my plans  (Dan got sickness) and I have to switched my plans and went with my girls to the short distance of the race (40 miles course).  And this will be good training lessons for Nadia (almost half distance from Almanzo 100 in our wish list on the May)
This race  90% gravel roads, about 2000 ft elevation gain.
This article less about race and more about how to ride long distance with your kids. What to take with?..

Monday, March 20, 2017

Gravel ride for my soul

 I am really tired from city... I'm so missing about my "Belorussian" style of ride. And today I decided to fixed it. I took Yeva, bike and trailer. I found on the gravel map (what a great map!) some place with gravel not far away from my house . Drove to the Elm Creek area, parked my car and just  going ahead.. Garmin 1000 ( what I got from Dan on the Christmas ) the best thing... You no need to worries  to making route  and keep in the mind where is your car...
I was surprised to get first road what is historical Downtown Maple Grove.
During the 27 miles of my ride I will few times see some historical places (I love it, I love history).

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Actif Epica 2017 .

 Actif Epica 2017  was not in my plans. I had free entry for AE  which I won in the raffle at Arrowhead 135  few years ago. But could not to do last year (Yeva was too small to leave her without me)
But when my friends Thomas Woods( I met Thomas first time in 2013 during the Actif Epica race)  wrote at FB that he planning to go (2 weeks before the start ), I decided to ask him about carpool. And he said that he is OK about carpool. Next step find place to stay. I asked Doris Nelson  (me and Amy O. stayed at her house last visit) if it will be ok to stay at her house? And she was so nice to let do it for us . She was volunteer in this year