Friday, June 9, 2017

Dirty Kanza 200, 2017

Dirty  Kanza 200  

I heard about this race too much  and finally want to try. It sounds like a new challenge to me . I love challenge for myself. I said often before that I am not RACER  , i AM WILD  soul active mamaSveta who love hard way.  So ,to me it was interesting "can I do it?"
 After Arrowhead 135  and  Actif Epica in winter it was my new goal for 2017 . In this year I changed my training plan and focused  on the hills.It is hard to  do in Minneapolis  - flat area. SO I started to looking for  hills around my living place, because first of all I am MOTHER and can ride mostly with trailer.  I never was good about hills and tried to fixed it ).  And month -two later I started to see progress. Also I keeps going with my run practice. I knew mostly hills in my area, I knew numbers of elevation..most of them My neighborhood thinking that I am crazy to rode 1 hill 10 -20 times up. )))