Monday, February 5, 2018

Find your limits. Arrowhead 135

 Arrowhead 135  preparation started for most of us few months before the  race. TO me the day when I send my application this is day when I am thinking about it.
 This was my 5th attempt and 4th finish of Arrowhead ( from my 6 years when I moved in USA from Belarus).
2014 DNF 
2015 2nd female
2016 3rd female (7 weeks after baby delivery) and with breastfeeding and pumping milk during the race
2017 1st Unsupported and 4th overall female
2018 1st Unsupported and 1st overall female\

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This is not race where you can go without preparation.May be that is WHY I love this race.I love process of preparation. This is my motivation to training,  to go for solo camping|ride and testing my gear....
I am so missing about my wild mountain trips in the Russia. So this is kind of compensation to me.
Short mini adventure.