Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Tuscobia 150 . Part 1 . Solo trip

Since I have already some good experience about winter camping, hiking, skiing and bike endure racing . I think my English much better than 5 years ago  and have a chance to share my stories about  it .
My part # I will be about how I came in winter endure racing.
I came in USA 5 years ago ( I won Green card).

I kept riding in USA. I opened for myself that I like long distance race. I did "Almanzo 100 , then I did "Rusty ride" 100 miles race at Cuyuna.  I saw first time Fat bike in USA. It was something unreal to me...

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Bike trip .The Elroy Sparta Trail.

instead of an epilogue First of all I am SORRY for my bad English and mistakes, hope you can read and understand what I wrote in this blog. I just want to share my experience with my friends

This year I  was not able to racing a lot. I changed my priority. First of all family. But is is hard ..
I love to ride with my girls. After our 2 days bike trip from Minneapolis to Duluth  I started to dream about another. Now I know that Nadia is strong girl and could ride all day long.
I talked with my friend Alex Oenes about interesting rote, because this guy know everything . I love his wild style of riding. And he told me about this rote.He said that will be tunnel  .. Oh I saw picture one day from some of my friend and so wanted to see it.But when I saw rote I was not sure about  can we do all? Alex prepare to me all info, map ... I am lucky to have so nice friend.

Nadia had days off at school in October and I decided to use this days for our another wild trip.
I "forgot"that winter camping gear is much more heavy than in summer time.When I started to pack my stuff i had a panic : HOW i can pack all of this? How I will ride with trailer and all this stuff?????
Because Nadia's bike seat is so low I can not put anything at her bike. I put some her stuff in bike frame bag, all rest of the stuff was in my bags and trailer.