Friday, July 22, 2016

City Hiking with girls

Very often people ( and me too before) thinking that interesting life and nature everywhere except your city. It is wrong. You can find a lot of interesting place in your city and it will be big fun for your kids and for you.
Friday and Nadia did not have school camp . This is mean we need to go somewhere. As I am not working  I am able to do this. And I would love to share my lovely place in city with my girls.
 The hiking , swimming in the secret waterfall , little climbing. All this almost in Downtown. That is why I love Minneapolis.I want to share all my skills with my girls, I want that they will love nature and wild style of life as I do. I hope they will.

Monday, July 11, 2016

From Minneapolis to Duluth with kids

It was my dream to come from Minneapolis to Duluth. I did not done that before pregnancy and then was too late. But last few month I was thinking about that. I saw that Nadia (my 11 years old daughter ) in this year ride bike for long distance pretty good. And Yeva (7 month old daughter) have good experience  sitting in the trailer last 4 month  also.
After Riotgrrravel  ride|race where Nadia and me with trailer did 33 miles and did it good. I started to thinking about  ride to Duluth. And I was need adrenaline. I do not had race long time and so need some challenge )

 On Sunday I made test ride for 50 miles with Nadia and Yeva to  River bottoms . With 10 miles per hour as middle we did our distance.
The most complicated to me was  to makes Yeva happy too. That is why we need to stopped about every10-15 miles and play with her .