Monday, August 28, 2017

Bike trip from Minneapolis (MN) to Aberdeen (SD) 310+ miles

I had dream to ride across MN long time.. SO  this summer I decided to do that. I do not like to make hard logistics of my trips. So when we decided with Dan that we will go in our family road  trip to the Montana I  said that we  (me and girls) will start early (5 days before)  and will meet him at the Aberdeen in South Dakota. So now he do not drive special somewhere just to bring us home. It will be part of our adventure.
 I was little bit scared because it will be my longest trip with my girls for distance  and amount of the days. 
I packed my stuff, camping stuff, some amount food and girls stuff. As always full of stuff )))

DAY 1 We started from home. I do not have exactly route. Just use what phone map recommended for the bikes. So first day we rode just on the bike trail. about 60 miles of BIKE TRAIL!! This country is amazing. They used old railway roads and built bike trails on it. It is so awesome.
For this reason so many small towns on our way (years before it was train station cities)

Thursday, August 17, 2017

The DAMn

The DAMn it is a new challenge, new gravel bike race across Minnesota

In a past  2 years I am realized that I am enjoying long distance race more than short. So I skipped race which have less interest to me and concentrate attention for the long distance.
Some other reasons why I am not racing too much:

- money! Looks like every year fee entry grows up much faster than  pay checks )
- I want to spent more time with family
-  race time it is stress time and I do not like it ))

 The Trenton J. Raygor    (what a awesome creative guy and organizer of this race) sent me message few month ago that they have available space for the race and I was at the waiting list. SO I am IN!!!
It will be 1 month after Dirty Kanza 200 and enough time for recovery. 
Long distance race as a long trip. It is take a lot time for preparation . You ride your bike with thoughts about it. You thinking a lot about reasons which could happened during the race  and stopped you... You have lots of  night dreams about race...
 After my finished of Dirty Kanza 200 miles I was not scared to do 240 miles. I know that only broken bike could stopped me.
So  I just keep going ride my bike.
Most  of my "training" this is my bike ride with trailer. I try to work harder and added hills training to my rides and this helps me a lot.
Strava - this is my "community". Because I do not have other people to ride with and too complected to find time to ride with other  guys  I have fun time to see where and how much ride my friends, look new places to ride and also short conversation. And the best part about strava I have my friends everywhere: USA, Belarus,Europe,RUSSIA and other.