Sunday, January 15, 2017

Lake Minnetonka from the beginning by the end

It was my old dream to ride |crossing Lake Minnetonka.  I rode across small lakes before, but always wonted something BIG )
 It was fun to find someone who want to go with Steven Steichen, I never saw or rode with him before. But I found him in a group where is guys with good experience of adventure .
  The weather was perfect. In the morning was little cold, but by the end of out trip was really HOT!

Monday, January 9, 2017

Valenki against 45 north boots

I made 14 miles ride with test drive my Russian wool boots Valenki against 45 north .
Russia against USA ))) flat pedals against clips . Cheap against expensive.
Russian wool boots this is what my grandparents wearing , what every family have in a small towns. All my childhood time we had this at family . It was boots for outside ( when in winter time you have to go outside for the firewood, to do stuff outside and, of course, to go to the restroom ( yeah first 15 years in my life we have only outside restroom ))
I really love this boots . It keeps my feet warm, have space for the extra#3,#4 pair of socks.
For really cold temperatures it will be right choice.
Need to thinking about how to make them work with clip pedals )

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Arrowhead 135 DNF- frozen butt . 2014

Today I will back in 2014 and tell you about my 1 st experience at Arrowhead 135. DNF

I came to my 1st Arrowhead 135 with experience Tuscobia 150 (1 finish and 1 DNF ), Actif Epica (2 times finish) . But everyone talking around me about how hard the AH135

Arrowhead 135 was included in another book of extreme endurance events around the globe.The toughest, bloodiest and hardest challenges in the world Do you think you're hard enough?
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 This video about RACE I love watch it 
 I have no idea what this race looks like.
And decided to go. Registration. Than preparation.