Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Tuscobia 150 . Part 1 . Solo trip

Since I have already some good experience about winter camping, hiking, skiing and bike endure racing . I think my English much better than 5 years ago  and have a chance to share my stories about  it .
My part # I will be about how I came in winter endure racing.
I came in USA 5 years ago ( I won Green card).

I kept riding in USA. I opened for myself that I like long distance race. I did "Almanzo 100 , then I did "Rusty ride" 100 miles race at Cuyuna.  I saw first time Fat bike in USA. It was something unreal to me...

Then I met Alex Oenes . One day he invited me to ride with. He says that it will be 100 miles ride. It was 140 miles ). The longest ride which I did in my life.
After that  he told me that I have to do Rusty ride race. I did and took 3rd place ).
After  that Alex told me that  I have to registered for  Tuscobia 150 . 
 My English was so terrible to read much more about this race. I thought that it will be regular road in winter. Sure! I did a lot winter ride in Belarus. Every winter we made Christmas bike trip for 3-4 days. I had in past big experience about winter camping.
 But I have to say .. When I registered at Tuscobia  I DO NOT HAVE FAT BIKE  Alex said that I can to it on my mountain bike.

 But I was lucky and month before race I bought for very good price used Surly Pugsley
Who had this bike they knew HOW heavy it was )
 I had big depression time. My family was "done". I knew that 1 or 2 month later I will be alone in this country with my 8 years old daughter. 9 years of family -  and that is All .
How my life will keep going?
I decided that I have to make solo trip. It was my FIRST solo bike trip in my life.
To make solo bike trip  was my old dream ....
I always wanted to start solo trip but scared ...

This 3 days solo trip I finished TWO DAYS BEFORE started of TUSCOBIA
It was CRAZY idea )))
I went to Goodwill and bought the cheapest camping gear what I can find. Alex make a route  for me from north part  of WI to Minneapolis .

  He drove me up by his grandmother house and I am started
This photo of Alex tell you more than I am. He is "my little brother", best friend and crazy boy with huge adventure experience.

 Before start I am happy and did not know WHAT waiting me in front of my trip )

 I am started close to the late afternoon. And have to ride as much as I can.

 Started to be dark and roads goes to be worth .. wild and I little scared..

 Finally I can to Tuscobia snowmobile trail.The trail on which one I will have racing few days later.
The trail had fresh snow. Looks like snowmobile do not running here last days.
I tried to ride. But I had very heavy bike and stuff and have to walked few  miles
I rode in that day only 30 miles (I started at 3 pm )

 trail is wild

 and  I  found small place for my tent. It was COLD )

 I had I some dinner. And I dicided that I could not walk on the trail 75 miles, because I need back home as I  said . At night was about - 15 C

 In the morning I decided to ride on the rods close to the Tuscobia trail.

 I really love Wisconsin nature views .

 I stopped at gas station for the lunch ( I wanted to keep time). I made some stop when I saw historical markers and other interesting place

Another day was gone. I started to looking for place for the night.

It was hard to find something.Everywhere  just opened fields and private property
I decided to find wood and asked owners to put tent .
This is things about USA what I do not like- everything is PRIVATE PROPERTY...

I found big house with wood. I came inside..
Stop. I have to say that it WAS A Christmas evening )))
It was very nice family. I think that I was the biggest surprise at their night )))
They let me put tent at their property. Many times they ask  me "do you need room? we have extra"
It was hard to explain to them that it is style of life.

They asked me to take picture with ) They gave me some food and I share with them my russian sweet food

I look happy and warm

At night was snow. In the morning I said good bay  to family and keep going

The temperature went down.

It is wonderful feeling to ride your bike.. see wonderful nature and thinking about your life... On the 3rd day I was different person , different woman as I was before. I had some new power inside me. 
I do not scared anymore .

I made one stop at the big animals farm.

I had my last lunch.. I knew that I could not make all planning trip. I have to stop before border of states (WI -MN ).

I did 150 miles for 2,5 days. ... 2 days after I will have Tuscobia race... but it is different story... it will be part II 
PS I have my livejournal and had a fun to reread my report about this trip.

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  1. Where were you picked up for this trip? Did you cross the high bridge on this trip or another?