Monday, March 20, 2017

Gravel ride for my soul

 I am really tired from city... I'm so missing about my "Belorussian" style of ride. And today I decided to fixed it. I took Yeva, bike and trailer. I found on the gravel map (what a great map!) some place with gravel not far away from my house . Drove to the Elm Creek area, parked my car and just  going ahead.. Garmin 1000 ( what I got from Dan on the Christmas ) the best thing... You no need to worries  to making route  and keep in the mind where is your car...
I was surprised to get first road what is historical Downtown Maple Grove.
During the 27 miles of my ride I will few times see some historical places (I love it, I love history).

Because road is old (and now this is another road). My road was ended and started again very strange
 Another thing what I love - old houses. I love to make stop and looking for .. TO me this is kind of reading some story... which I made my own..

 Of course I got what I want - GRAVEL!!!
 I love the smell of farms... this is remind me about my childhool happy times, about my country.... I enjoy to ride gravel

 In this area a lot of horses farms.
 Another historical place from 1855 from original owners of the land in Dayton

Another strange place - garbage land. More than miles of everything

 Yes.. Nothing special about this ride. Just 27 miles not city ride..but my soul is dancing....

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