Sunday, January 15, 2017

Lake Minnetonka from the beginning by the end

It was my old dream to ride |crossing Lake Minnetonka.  I rode across small lakes before, but always wonted something BIG )
 It was fun to find someone who want to go with Steven Steichen, I never saw or rode with him before. But I found him in a group where is guys with good experience of adventure .
  The weather was perfect. In the morning was little cold, but by the end of out trip was really HOT!

 We started at the side where is Minnehaha creek started, but checked creek at the end.

 It was fantastic how many different snow conditions we had. Some  open ice, some snowmobiles tracks, some really good peace and some hard for ride.
 Very often you rode bay to bay and saw big cracks
 Another fun things was small "air plane line" . 2 planes was started from the lane where we was ride and one landed.  Impressive view.

 Of course, we saw  hundreds of houses for rich people. People spent millions dollars for having hose with view on the lake . This lake is the one of  most expensive area in Twin cities area
 Steven use old map (1981 y.o) I used my Garmin 1000 and liked it.
 Another things what is still looks so funny to me - fishers city on the Lake.

on this pics we at the our half way , another side of the lake  Grays Bay

Every bay (almost) have section like this. Guys, WHY you all in same place? Do they really thinking that all fish in one location? )))
And trailers|houses  on the lake so big.. and when you see  old school fisher without all this stuff - he looks strange )

At the end we came to the Halsted Bay where is  beginning  Mennehaha Creek . The dam was closed and hundreds of fish (carp, pike and other) was dead . It was sadly to see.

route on STRAVA 

We rode 31 miles for 4,5 hours (movement time) 
Steven told me a lot about Lake about island on the lake and history. 
Another my dream came true. Nice start of 2017 year. 

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