Monday, March 14, 2016

The gravel ride with baby.

It is SPRING! It is mean that gravel season are open!
I have a 3,5 month old baby and I love to ride my bikes. The best combination to me now to  ride my bike with baby in the bike trailer .
At the  last two weeks  I rode gravel roads twice in Lakeville area.
2 week ago my husband bought bike trailer.  A he makes  me much more happier person.
I love a gravel roads. It is reminds me my childhood time and place where  I grown-up: farm, gravel roads, nature... Only you and nature . It is the best way to  resting after big city.

Last weekend  I did 20 miles ride with Yeva. I tried  to  ride careful (especially on the downhills ) to keep Yeva safety. Most of the time she is slept.

 Sometimes we need to make break for feeding and rest. To be breastfeeding mom is a wonderful - you always have food for baby with you. I am enjoying this time together.

 The elevation in this area good enough for hard training.  For 20 miles about 1 500 ft elevation. For Minnesota it is  not so bad.
I am dreaming  about next ride...

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