Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Cleaning your bike. Small secrets

 For many years I used  these secrets to clean my bike.
This is what  you need: 

  • a used  toothbrush
  • synthetic ripped women's  tights
  • water and a rag

 During the "cleaning" process   I  found  a sticker that I  NEVER saw before , on my lovely Salsa Fargo bike . This bike was "born" for gravel road. And I really like it. My husband bought this bike for himself and I stole it from him :).

 You also could find  missing part on your bike ( as I did ) .
 Now I can show you how you can use women's  tights
( Do you see my spoke card from "30 days of biking" ? DO not forgot to pledge here >>  and  ride your bike all April )

 You could see how wonderfully women's  tights work for your bike cassette

The  toothbrush could help you to clean small dirt spots on your bike
You see it is a cheap and easy way with nice results. And you give second life to used stuff which means - a little less trash in the world )

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