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9 month on the wheels

9 month on the wheels 

I was active enough during the first pregnancy 12 years ago. It was in Belarus.  In my country Belarus people have  stereotypes that pregnancy it is sickness. Most doctors says that you need sit at home on the couch and be careful about everything. But my opinion was different.  I did not thought that active life is worth then couch for baby.

I rode my bike, swimming and running during the pregnancy and listen that I am  terrible and my baby could born with many problems.

 My daughter Nadia was born and grown healthy child.
March 31  I made test and understood that I am PREGNANT!!!   Good per 1 April joke from life )
 My second pregnancy was in USA and doctors here have different opportunity for pregnancy and active life. They recommended keep going what you did before and listen your body. Yeah they do not recommended to make hard work, racing, just be active and this will help you at the delivery.  I have few friends who keep going rode their bikes during the pregnancy.
 Also I had a dream to do Arrowhead 135 which is 1,5 month after my delivery . That is mean that I need to keep going and ride my bike.

 I listen my body and keep riding, running and swimming.

 First trimester I did some race
Lakeville-Milltown-Lakeville ,Strada Fango.
DNF Almanzo  (I am little scared for my pregnancy during the race)

I participated   at the 30 days of biking (it was my 3rd year of this action) . I rode all April (EVERY day ) and made 1100 kilometers what is no so bad for pregnant woman

 I rode a lot with my daughter Nadia and enjoyed it !

 Any weather was good to me. All May I had toxicosis and feel is not good.
  Every morning I felt sick. But I went to work on the bike and I was getting better. But it was only one month. 
 I did not had any big change about food which I prefer - only FRY  potato... and Coca-cola - I knew it is bad , but my body asked it!!!
 Any weather was good to me.

I rode with my husband and try to keep this in my mind... because I thought that we could not ride together long time , after delivery baby ( I was wrong).

 My bellу grow up .
 In July I went in Belarus for one month. One of my friends gave me his bike and I was able to rode bike in Minsk during the all month.
  I got one picture for our project Women's bike calendar
 I rode my bike, I met my friends and enjoyed my life and pregnancy. I heard a lot that I no need to ride my bike during the pregnancy, but I skipped it . I knew that I do everything right .
 We made some short trip with my friends.
 Even my visit to dentist was on the  two wheels . To used bike in big city like Minsk you keep your own time and it is faster than public transport.

 Also I did one race n Belarus and finished 6  from 15 women what is not so bad for 5 month pregnant woman.
 On that race I met my couch who show me MTB world
 I visited my friends in other city

 I back in USA and my belly grown up much faster.  My baby inside me was very active. I feel great. I rode my bike to work every day.
 I also kept running .

 My belly competition with my husband.
 Last 3 month was little harder than first 6  ).You  body get big changes..  You could not to be as active as before.
 One day I decided to go for CX race... I was need it . t was not so easy  every week to read report about races from my friends and s not able to racing.
 I started to be more careful at MTB trails... But sometimes I need to do some obstacles just to know that I CAN DO IT!
 My husband was the best parthner to me during the pregnancy and supported me .
  During the pregnancy  got all four season.... winter, spring and falls .... and this is mean that day X s SOON
 Great memory is my meeting with girls from my lovely team Sh!tgoose
 Great memory are my photo shoot session from Jerry Johanning


 Last two weeks was so emotional.. I feel is not perfect.. Every day you woke up and thinking "may be today "????"
My belly was almost on the bike sit during the ride )

 I  rode.... rode... rode... November 26 is my due day!!! Nothing... My doctor say that I need to be active, what can help for make process of delivery process faster... I did it . I RODE MY BIKE - nothing!!! one more over due day week...

 December 2 I went to my last ride... I rode to the Cedar Lake. This Lake always helping  me... when  I had bad mood... I asked Lake to help me.. I did  swim and back home... It was my last ride.

Next day, December 3,2015 - Yeva Anna Vold was born - happy and healthy baby.

Few days later we started to ride....and preparing for the Arrowhead 135. But this is another  story ...

I want to say for all women that to BE mother - this is BEST feeling. And you   no need to make break during the pregnancy and keep going to ride your bike and enjoying your life.

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