Monday, January 9, 2017

Valenki against 45 north boots

I made 14 miles ride with test drive my Russian wool boots Valenki against 45 north .
Russia against USA ))) flat pedals against clips . Cheap against expensive.
Russian wool boots this is what my grandparents wearing , what every family have in a small towns. All my childhood time we had this at family . It was boots for outside ( when in winter time you have to go outside for the firewood, to do stuff outside and, of course, to go to the restroom ( yeah first 15 years in my life we have only outside restroom ))
I really love this boots . It keeps my feet warm, have space for the extra#3,#4 pair of socks.
For really cold temperatures it will be right choice.
Need to thinking about how to make them work with clip pedals )

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