Thursday, December 29, 2016

Winter bike camping with my girls.

Dreams comes true. I started to dreams about winter camping with my girls since last winter. When Dan mads possible to me to rode  fat bike with trailer , my dream started to be more real.
But I have only one warm sleeping bag...
 2 weeks ago  started game from GearJunkie  - Check Point MN  

and I saw that they have sleeping bag The North Face for winter.  13 hours driving for checkpoint hunting with my friend and sleeping bag is MINE! This mean that I have all what I need and now i can planning my bike camping.
For school vocation we went to the Two Harbor (to the Dan's mom) and this is perfect wild place with wonderful nature place to make my dream.
Of course I was not sure about many things/
First of all winter camping needs more stuff that in summer . My Salsa beargrease do not have bike rack and possibility to do it and a lot of questions how I can put all together for 3 of us.
 I packaged all stuff on my bike, trailer, backpack, frame bag  and all fit. No extra space left.
We started and weather do not promised nothing good. Snowy!

 Few miles at the HWY 61 is not favorite  , then turn and lonnnnnnggg uphill 

 At the first 5 miles I thought that it is impossible.. TOO heavy stuff and so hilly roads ...+ snow. + icy roads ... But we keeps going and my legs started to work right )
 How many deer you could find on this photo?
 The nature was beautiful . Nadia rode very good. Sometimes asked to stopped for drink.

 After 10 miles the pavement (kind of) was end. And we have other hard road.
 About 3 30 pm I started to looking for place for night. This is another problems:
- mostly ALL in USA private property , even if it looks so wild you always see " private property". 
- another problem in winter with heavy bike , in the deep snow you could not going far away from the road 

When I found near small river small spot without "private property" I decided to stop.
I spend about half hour to move our stuff to the  out  night place.

 Yeva was asleep mostly of our trip. That is WHY i do not make our trip so long. Because how many hours without moving can sit  my girl ? 4 maximum. and in winter time it is hard to make stop  and play on the snow. And my goal was bike ride + camping .
 Nadia is a really good helper to me with Yeva. When I make camping she watched Yeva. Team work )
 When ten was ready , girls play inside and I make dinner.
 I took 2 stove what is keep our time.
 Good thing in winter you no need to worries about water - a lot snow around you.

 What is my girls doing ? PLAY!

 Another problem in winter SHORT light day... I remember it from my experiences of winter trips . With small girl is harder. Because we was not so far away from the road I do not want to have extra attention from around and turn off light early. We play with Nadia and counting cars which  moved on the road )
 And long ours of the sleeping time ). Sleeping bad was too warm (-15 F) for that night about 18 F, also  I slept with Yeva - she is super heater !!!hot girl ))
 Early morning I made breakfast and started our back way home... Wether was so badly changed -
Colder, headwind and SNOW ! again!
 For few miles we got SUN!

 then weather changed again. Nadia's feet started to feel cold and I put hand warmer inside her socks at the stop.
 Our back way was faster - more downhills than uphills . And we backed home.
Nadia got good experience in her adventure  book.
In one moment she said " I feel like I am at Arrowhead right now!" I am just smiled.. May be one day she will try REAL Arrowhead! She is only just turned 12 and got huge experiences  whi I never had at her age!

I could say that camping with girls much harder than solo trip. And this is less about physical hard work with heavy stuff. It is much more brain work to take all stuff for EACH of us, thinking about speed during the ride , makes enough stops  for Nadia, Yeva. Also you need guess time of the ride - what must be time when Yeva have to sleep and many other small details. But is is SUPER FUN to teach your girls and see result . I can proud of Nadia now.
 where is Yeva? Right on my arms ))) this is her comfy place

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